Sell Templates Online or Use Them In-House


Receive orders from customers without a print-ready file


TemplateCloud adds to the number of orders you will receive on your Printerocity shop -€“ by up to 25%.

TemplateCloud is the world’€™s largest design library of editable online templates. Sector specific, it enables small to medium-sized companies who do not have a print-ready file to design online via a template. And then, importantly, go on and order printing from your storefront.


12 thousand+ sector specific templates


TemplateCloud designs are crowdsourced from freelance graphic designers. This provides genuine creative depth, originality and diversity. New designs are added weekly, keeping the content fresh.

TemplateCloud interfaces directly with Fotolia, adding a library of 15 million+ stock images. This enables small- to medium-sized companies to not only utilize their own photography, but access the entire Fotolia library in a seamless, simple manner.

12 thousand templates plus 15 million images equals unlimited possibilities for designing online. However quirky the nature of the small companies — walking tours in Chicago, recreational sports teams, hot tub installers — they will still be able to design online and order print from your storefront.


Making TemplateCloud personal


TemplateCloud is pre-integrated into Printerocity Shop, but importantly, you control what elements you turn on or turn off.

Just flyers? Just business cards? You decide the type of templates that make sense for the print jobs that match your presses. If you’€™re targeting a specific vertical market, for instance nightclubs, then TemplateCloud can be adapted to display the relevant content.


TemplateCloud is pay-per-design

packagesEach template used has a nominal design fee.

Printerocity Shop enables this nominal design fee to be passed on to the end user when they checkout and order via a template from your storefront. You are then charged the nominal design fee, less a discount of 25%.

This means that TemplateCloud does not impact on your print margins. Indeed, given the discount you receive, TemplateCloud provides an additional revenue stream.

Nominal design fees start from $1 for a basic design up to $60 for say, a 4/4 Brochure with several Fotolia images. Importantly, the Fotolia costs are always included in with the Nominal Design Fee along with the royalty paid to the original graphic designer.


Add TemplateCloud to your established storefront

If you have an established printing storefront, then it could make sense to add TemplateCloud to your existing platform.

This is possible via the TemplateCloud API, see for further information.