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Turn your website into a revenue-generating storefront

The online market is significantly broader than €˜$10 business cards for babysitters€™. Increasingly, print is bought online by small to medium-sized businesses, clubs, charities and start-ups. File upload or design online via template coupled with online payment characterize this type of transaction.

Of course printers need a website, but a passive website is simply a cost to your business. Turning your website into a web-to-print storefront can still include all the usual information, but provides the opportunities for clients to order online when and where they want.

Prior to Printerocity, this type of platform was reserved for large companies with big budgets who dominate the online market.

With Printerocity, you have everything you need to start selling printing online and to compete in the online marketplace.


Customizing your storefront

productsYou can customize your storefront’s colors, type style, graphics and content to match your branding.  Our new responsive design theme ensures your storefront is accessible on all devices, which also increases your rank on Google. Additional pages can be added to suit.

With basic graphic skills, it is possible to configure your storefront in a few hours, keeping the elements you need from an existing website while adding your print deals, a shopping cart, and your templates. A payment gateway is also included -€“ eliminating the need to process payments offline or wait 30 days.



TemplateCloud-LogoTemplateCloud is a sector-specific library of 12,000+ templates. It covers sectors such as electrical contractors, gyms, charity events, garages and the like. This enables visitors to your storefront, without a print-ready file to log on and order their printing.

For a typical order, the template might cost $30 paid for by your client. This template could then be used to order several thousand flyers or print jobs of a similar nature. As a rule of thumb, TemplateCloud usually adds between 5 – 25% to the number of orders processed by an online storefront and also adds to the average order value.



Printerocity€“ — pay-per-month / pay-per-designpackages

With Printerocity€“ Shop users simply pay $249 a month. TemplateCloud content, if utilized, is charged on a pay-per-design basis that we recommend is re-charged to the end client.