Corporate Basic Web-to-Print

Printerocity – for your corporate clients

Printerocity is a leading web-to-print solution ideal for your corporate – and, in particular, multi-site – clients with complex management hierarchy.

Printerocity templates allow your corporate clients to edit documents online with full control over fixed or flexible elements: text, fonts, colors, and pictures.

The pre-population of fields (adding details to, say, a business card for a given user) along with sophisticated sign-off permissions add to the finesse and usability for your client. Other features have specifically been developed to assist you in targeting franchise-type clients.

Microsite functionality enables you to personalize your client’€™s web-€“to-€“print portal.


Printerocity -€“ easy to build web-to-print templates

A key differential of Printerocity is the ease with which you can set up web-to-print systems.

Templates are at the heart of web-to-print. Printerocity has been engineered to build the templates for you, in Adobe InDesign.

Working in this way utilizes your graphic designer’€™s existing skill-set, as the fixed or flexible elements of the template are specified using the established layer functionality within InDesign.

Corporate web-to-print systems could contain 50 or more templates, covering a client’s broad print needs. Simplifying template building in this way (think 10 minutes per template as opposed to an hour or more with some systems) offers you significant savings and a competitive advantage.


Printerocity -€“ pay-per-month

Packages start from $199 a month, including an allowance of free system charges for in-house and outsourced products.