Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Printerocity for?

Printerocity is for graphic designers, web designers, sign businesses, print brokers and printers themselves. Printerocity is software that adds web-to-print and other online functionality.


What platform does Printerocity run on?

Printerocity is cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. We host on our servers and manage back-up, maintenance and contingency. All you and your client need to run Printerocity is a modern web browser.


Does Printerocity run on tablets?

Most functionality does run on tablets and mobile devices, except for the template-editing process itself which uses Adobe Flash. Given that template order values are typically $50-$500, we believe it is less likely the client would edit a template of this value via such a device. However, the Printerocity road map for 2014 includes HTML5€™ functionality for the editor, opening up unrestricted tablet use.


Can I work part time?

Yes, this is your business, not a franchise, so you can operate how you want.


What happens if you fail to deliver an order on time?

Our on-time success rate is 99.8%. When we do fail, there is a predetermined scale of recompense that reflects the primary loss and administrative burden.


Do I have to share my client data with you?

To get the best value from the system, for example online client portals, you’€™ll want to input your client data. For the avoidance of doubt, all client data and the like entered onto the system by Printerocity partners remains the exclusive property of the partner.


Is Printerocity like a franchise?

No, Printerocity is a web-to-print, workflow, proofing, preflighting and ordering-centered software solution. Sure, it’€™s used by franchises and other partners internationally, but now the Printerocity formula is available to use your way, with your brand, your production and your suppliers, without long-term obligation.


How long am I tied in for?

There are no contracts, it’s month-to-month with 30 days notice of cancellation.


I don’€™t have a shopping cart function on my website, will Printerocity provide this?

Yes, that’€™s what the Orderlink function of Printerocity does. You can set up log-ins online for all your clients, or microsites for larger accounts.


Which payment providers does Printerocity work with?

Presently Printerocity is configured to work with PayPal and Stripe.


What other costs are there?

All the prices for the use of Printerocity are set out here.


Will you help me find $100k accounts?

As well as the tactical training we provide on webinars, we provide strategic training. This includes selling to larger companies and managing larger accounts. Terms of engagement, service-level agreements, along with presentation skills are covered.


What branding will be visible to my clients?

Just yours. This is designed to be white label€™.


What payment terms can I have?

For Printerocity, fees and system charges are charged monthly by direct debit. Payment terms will be offered depending on status.


Can I use any font I like in the templates I build?

Yes you can, although any editable text needs to use a font that has been uploaded to our InDesign server and is licensed for use in an online environment (more complex and costly than a normal desktop license). We have over 2,000 fully licensed fonts available for Printerocity partners to use in their templates.